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Music brings us together, and a whole home AV system is sure to entertain and simplify your lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more about adding whole home entertainment to your California home. 

Transform Your Wired Speakers into Wireless with the Sonos Amp

How to Connect Your Analog and Architectural Speakers to the Sonos Ecosystem

Transform Your Wired Speakers into Wireless with the Sonos Amp

How do you currently enjoy music in your California home? Maybe you invested in a high-end audio system years ago. Perhaps you’re new to the multi-room audio game. No matter your situation, our Sonos products make it easier than ever to wirelessly stream music in every room (and outdoors too) of your house. You’ll host livelier parties, add pizzazz to your morning routine, and soundtrack dinnertime more often when music is one tap away on your smartphone.  

But what if your existing speakers can’t wirelessly connect to your phone? Luckily, if you already own an analog system, you can convert it to wireless with the Sonos Amp. And with their architectural speakers, you can build a whole home AV system that perfectly blends into your San Bernardino, CA lifestyle. How? Continue reading to find out.


Does Your House Need A Whole Home AV System?

How Whole Home AV Syncs Your Home’s Technology Effortlessly

Does Your House Need A Whole Home AV System?

Imagine walking through your home and outdoor spaces with your favorite songs following you every step of the way. Or imagine the ability to start a summer blockbuster in your media room and continue watching later on your bedroom big screen. Envision the possibilities of controlling the entire system from a wall-mounted keypad, your smartphone, or tablet. Goodbye, remotes! Whole home AV makes all of this and more possible for you and your family.

But how will it function for you, and when will you use it? Continue reading below to discover how whole home AV will elevate your Los Angeles, California home.